Judo for Aspergers Kids

Judo For Aspergers Kids

Children’s judo – Illustration photo from Flickr.com

How about judo for Asperger’s kids, or for that matter any martial arts for Asperger?

There is in fact a growing number of cases showing the impact such as judo or karate can have on children and also adults who suffer from the Asperger Syndrome.

Martial arts is certainly no quick fix or “one size fits all”, and it definitely is true when it comes to special needs children or adults.

That said, many of these kids find a great outlet in the arts. Just make sure you find the right martial arts school and a dedicated martial arts teacher!

Here’s how one kid have found great help in judo to tackleĀ Asperger’s syndrome. The full article is from mlive.com.

Judo for Asperger’s kids

Despite the mountain of obstacles he faces on a daily basis, a Portage teenager has gone great lengths to pursue the huge goals he has set for himself.
Last month, Chandler Simmering, 14, received statewide recognition for it when he was voted Youth Athlete of the Year for the Michigan State Games.

Want to see more evidence: try here, here and here (search for Asperger, autism, cerebral palsy etc.)

If you want to find out more about the Asperger Syndrome and autism, you can do so at this site.

I’m anxious to here your experiences with karate orĀ judo for Asperger’s kids. Definitely any experiences you might want to share with special needs children in martial arts would be great!

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